Trigger Switches


10A, 250 V AC
B. Insulation Resistance : 100M (Min.) At 500V.DC.
C. Break Down Voltage : 1500V.AC.For one minute
D. Contact Resistance : 20 m (Max.)
E. Mech. / Electrical life
Endurance :
20,000 / 10, 000 cycles
F. Body : PF moulding of anti track Quality
G. Actuator       a. Toggle Plain Lever (PL) and Ball type
Lever (BL) of Brass with Nickle Plating
b. Trigger Metal with Zinc (Z) or Chrome (C)
Plated Lock Pin of big and small size
are available
H.Terminal : Screw With Washer
PB with Silver Plating
I. Contact : PL-Centre Bush with 12 x 1 Threading with
J. Mounting : Suitable Hex and Round Nuts provided
BL-Centre Bush of 7/16 Threading with suitable
Hex-Nuts are provided
TR-48A Threads provided
Slide - 3BA Threads provided
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